I am now a painter.

Before committing to becoming a full time artist in North Norfolk my life passed through most of the arts in one way or another.  I began as a dancer, then trained to become a professional actor, turned my hand to writing and even had the joyous experience of working at Glyndebourne Opera House.  Therefore movement, drama, imagination and musicality all have a part to play in my work.

I realise I am mercurial; therefore my output and what may be termed a ‘style’ is not necessarily consistent.  I draw inspiration from many sources, using most mediums, although oils remain my bedrock.  I produce my most representational work from the ever-changing, extraordinary  landscape – moody skies; vibrant grassland; sombre marshes.  My abstract work – abstract expressionism I guess – tends to be quirky, original and comes from a more spontaneous place.  I love shapes and colour; I love the process of discovery.  From my earliest days in a rehearsal room until now, forming a finished product from raw material has always enlivened me.

So, yes, vibrant and colourful or understated with muted tones.  These creative decisions can only be made from the objects; the views themselves. The subject dictates.